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Sun Clock is a 24-hour clock that displays the position of the sun, and times of sunrise, solar noon, sunset, golden hour, and twilight for your current location.

It also shows the position and phase of the moon, and its rising and setting times.

In the Northern Hemisphere the Sun moves across the sky in a clockwise direction; in the Southern Hemisphere, it moves anti-clockwise. Sun Clock matches this by setting its direction of rotation based on your latitude1. You can change it in the settings if you wish.

1. Ideally you want the clock to turn in the same direction as the sun, regardless of which hemisphere you are in. If you are facing North when at your computer set it to anti-clockwise.


Tap on or hover over the segments to get their start and end times. You can also tap/hover on the moon, the hour hand, and the centre dot.

See updates for change history.


Sun Clock is free to use, and contains no advertising. If you would like to help support Sun Clock, please —


We collect aggregate user stats only. Your location and settings are stored in your web browser and are not sent to the server. No cookies are saved or sent.

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Added an annual calendar. Try it out. Feedback welcome!


Sun Clock is now a Progressive Web App. This means you can install it on your device homepage and it will be available when your are offline.


Added auto-color mode (dynamic colors that change with the time periods.)


Added dark mode.



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Use decimal degrees. Should be a number between -90.0 and 90.0
1–2 decimal places is sufficient.
Use decimal degrees. Should be a number between -180.0 and 180.0
1–2 decimal places is sufficient.

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